Yearly Archive: 2015

Similar to InboxDollars with Faster Pay

The list of sites like InboxDollars that pay faster is quite large in fact every site on pays much faster. The truth is InboxDollars is an old out dated site, I used them back in 2008 and I had to wait a long time to earn the minimum to request the check and then it took weeks for the check to come. I referred my friend and she never even got her check and no help from support. So I went on a mission to find similar sites that pay faster. I was not disappointed, turns out there are hundreds. That doesn’t mean they are all good but I did find 50 that paid fast and had great support.

Nowadays I mostly use just a few sites, the cream of the crop. The main site everyone needs to join is it just has everything someone like us wants. There is 21 offer walls, contests, great support, chat, free money promo codes and instant payments. That is right you get paid instantly to PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal you still can get a check in the mail or direct deposit. If you like gift cards then you will love because they have over 100 gift card choices that are all sent instantly.

The old days of waiting weeks to earn enough to withdraw and then waiting weeks to get your check if it ever comes at all is over. These new rewards sites are much better. The old ones like inboxdollars are dieing, I predict if they don’t change their ways and get with the program they will be extinct soon,

To recap, inboxdollars is old news, is the future and the future is now. Thanks for visiting my blog, I wish you much success in your mission to get free stuff and cash.