Yearly Archive: 2016

InboxDollars Alternative Sites

Today lets talk about some sites that are alternatives to inboxdollars. There are many quality rewards sites that pay you to do stuff like inboxdollars. It has taken me 10 years of joining and using these sites to find the very best ones. These GPT websites are the best around. They all have many ways to earn and many ways to get paid and all pay very fast.

Here are my reviews of the best GPT sites like inboxdollars but better. is my favorite inboxdollars alternative site. Registration is simple, the ways to earn are plentiful and you get paid so fast that it’s instant. You also don’t have to make much to get paid, you can get paid $1 at a time if you want or save up hundreds it’s your choice. if you like gift cards or cash, this is your place. They got it all including great support and a chat box as well as an offer ticker that shows in real time what other members are doing to get paid. is a fun site to make a few bucks, get it same day and chat with friends. You can complete surveys,tasks,try mobile apps and complete advertiser offers to earn cash. You can also earn amazon gift card codes. This GPT site has fast support and admin who really cares about making your experience a good one. is very popular with millions paid out since it started back in 2007. They have the easiest way to earn money and that is by simply viewing websites. You can make a few bucks a day by just doing that or you can increase your earnings big time by completing surveys and offers. You can also win big money by playing the Clix Grid game. has a fun loyalty program that gives you experience points and with them you gain levels and unlock more ways to earn. You will also find an exclusive way to earn that you won’t find on inboxdollars or anywhere else. The method is called transcribing and all you have to do is type out information from photos of business cards. it’s quick and easy work. has been around a long time and they have fun ways to earn and easy ways to earn as well. Millions of dollars have been paid out to it’s members.The easiest way to earn money on this site is with their search and win. But you can earn more money faster by also completing offers and surveys as well as videos. You can also get money from entering swag codes that can be found on social media and the swagbucks blog. is an old favorite for many GPT users. They have lots of ways to earn money. They have been in business for many years.

All of these websites are free to join and use. They all have great reputations and are easy to use. I use all of these sites instead of inboxdollars. I find them to be better in many ways and I think you will too. Thanks for reading and happy earnings to you.