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Rewards Sites Like InboxDollars

Would You like to use a site like inboxdollars that is easier to use? How about a rewards site like inboxdollars that pays you faster? Perhaps you would like to use a site similar to inboxdollars that has a lower withdrawal minimum. You can do all this from many websites that are better than inboxdollars.com,

I remember my experience with inboxdollars. I joined it way back in 2008, it took me a long time to reach the minimum cash out, I think it was $8.00. But I did finally reach it and I requested a check, I waited and waited and a check never came, I asked them what was going on and I never got a reply. SO I moved on and started looking for something better. It didn’t take long to find sites that were much better, sites that were easier to use,sites with much smaller minimum withdrawal amounts and sites that pay much faster and have better ways to pay like PayPal or amazon gift codes.

After finding these sites like inboxdollars that paid faster I never went back to that old slow site that never sent my money, I never looked back and since then I have made great money on the sites I will tell you about below.

  1. instaGC.com the minimum is only $1 and you get paid instantly via PayPal or the over 100 gift card choices, they also have some of the easiest ways to earn like watching videos and visiting websites.
  2. DollarClix.com is open to everyone from every country and they have some great contests and bonus stuff, you also get paid instantly from PayPal with a $1 minimum.
  3. PocketMoneyGPT.com is a fun site with a dedicated owner who you can talk to in chat everyday, you can also get help from her and other members in the chat box, you won’t find a rewards site that is as fun to use as pocket.

I could list more for you, but really these three sites are all anyone needs for fast pay and a variety of things to do. If you want even more great rewards sites, we recommend the list of GPT sites on Top50GPT.com. Good luck to you, I am so happy I can help you find a better site to use than inboxdollars, it was nothing but a waste of time for me.

Sites Like InboxDollars

There are many sites like Inboxdollars and most are even better. They pay way faster and give you lots of choices to get paid and more ways to earn cash. The Website that is like InboxDollars that people like and use the most is instaGC.com it only takes $1.00 earned to withdraw by check or instant gift cards. The checks are sent out fast within 7-10 days and if you want a gift card that is instant with over 90 different gift cards in stock.

Another similar site to inboxdollars is Swagbucks.com no checks available but lots of other ways to get paid like gift cards and PayPal, you need to earn $5.00 to withdraw and payments are sent within a few days.

The fastes way to get paid cash on a site like InboxDollars is to use PocketMoneyGPT.com. They pay you PayPal and pay it fast, same day and usually within minutes. You can complete surveys,watch videos,CrowdFlower tasks and more. If you like that site you will also like MePrizes.com they have all the same ways to earn and also Pay Fast , lots of Contests and bonus stuff too.

For even more great websites like InboxDollars be sure to go to Top50GPT.com.